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Auditors Checklist

Auditing Season has well and truly begun. Auditors are playing catchup to make sure that everyone now serves safe food.

This is a checklist I've put together of things to do, complete or print, before your final Audit visit from your Verifier. This is a guide only. If you don’t have a compliance pack then let me help you with that simply clock on the link or email me direct

I can have you fully compliant within a couple of days.

This list corresponds to MPI’s safe and suitable template Food Control Plan. Make sure you have your completed Food Control Plan or National Programme at hand during your Audit.

If you're not sure what a food control plan is or you need one then simply contact MPI or contact me direct

Completed Food Control Plan includes:

· Business details

· Sketch of kitchen and outside areas

· Identify who supplies your water

Update and if needed print all records required for the verifier.

Standard Records required:

1. Staff Training – Induction and on-going staff training Click on the link if you need help with this.

2. Water Supply – Maintenance (if self-supply the testing results)

3. Staff Sickness

4. All Fridge/chillers daily temperatures

5. Allergens and Ingredients

6. Approved Suppliers information

7. Supplier Deliveries dates and times

8. Cooking food temp for chicken, minced meat, and chicken liver

9. Proving methods for above

10. Cooling food times

11. Rotate food record for displaying food on counter and self serve food

12. Transport/Delivery temperature checks

13. Daily Cleaning checklist and routine

14. Monthly stock record. FIFO - First In First Out stock control

15. Thermometer calibration records

16. Scale calibration

17. Cleaning Plan

18. Maintenance record

19. Maintenance Plan

20. Glass Breakages

21. Customer Complaints

22. When something goes wrong

23. Pest Control record

24. Internal Verification to check the plan works

25. Premises Inspection

26. Product recall procedures, including adverts and practices

The auditor will also be interested in the following procedures:

Procedures for:

· How and when do you train your staff

· How do you make sure the food control plan and your procedures are working?

· Hand Sanitization procedures

· How you manage staff personal hygiene (e.g. clean clothing, aprons, hairnets, etc.)

· How you manage sick staff

· Who are your Suppliers, are they approved?

· Your procedures for cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen and serving areas

· How you store food and your stock control procedures

· Chiller/fridge procedures for checking temperatures

· Checking received goods from suppliers

· Transporting food

· Food Recall procedures

· Protecting food from contamination by staff

· Checking for pests

· How and when do you maintain your equipment

Making and Cooking

· Cooking food

· Cooking poultry, minced meat, and chicken liver

· Proving your methods to cook works every time

· Reheating food

· Cooling freshly cooked food

· Keeping food cold

· Keeping food hot

· Freezing food

· Defrosting food

· Allergens and knowing what’s in your food

· Cross-Contamination

· Separating food

· Transporting your food

· How you manage to display food for customers to help themselves

· Packaging and labeling your food

· Selling food to other businesses

When something goes wrong

· What is your procedure if something goes wrong?

· Who deals with customer complaints?

· Can you trace your food from suppliers if there was a recall?

· What is your Recall procedure?

Specialized Records and Procedures for:

· Making sushi with acidified rice and proving method

· Making Chinese style roast duck

· Making donner kebabs

· Cooking using sous vide

· Preparing red meat for mincing and serving lightly cooked or raw

· Proving method to kill bugs (for pasteurization, fermentation, etc.)

· Ph Checks

· Ph Monitor Calibration

You may also need:

· Proof that you have implemented a Food Control Plan – Quiz for staff

· All Records required for individual business including specialized if used

· Good Operating Practice Manual

· Staff Training Manual in basic food safety procedures

If you do not have any of the above or you have some of the above but not all, please let me know. We can get that organized for you.

Simply email me at

If you need to get your staff trained in food safety then simply click on the link for our on-line, easy to follow training course. The course covers everything you need to know about food safety for compliance and registration. It will certainly speed up your audit if all your staff are trained. Click on the link to get your staff enrolled.

Book now for your FREE 20 min consultation if you need help with your compliance.

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