Food Safety Training can be done on-site.


That means I can come to you, to carry out the Food Safety Course. The duration of the course depends on requirements but the standard course is 4 - 6 hours.


Each candidate who attends the course is awarded a Food Safety Certificate.


The Food Safety Training will cover the basics needed to serve safe food using within New Zealand.  


This includes procedures for GOP's:

  • The Food Act 2014

  • Food Poisoning and how to prevent it,

  • Hand sanitization and staff hygiene procedures,

  • Contamination and types of hazards,

  • Preparing food safely,

  • Food Allergens and what this means for staff, 

  • Protecting food from contamination by staff,

  • Staff Sickness procedures,

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing,

  • Cook, Cool and Store food procedures,

  •  Sourcing and receiving food from suppliers.

A Food Safety Certificate will be given to each member of staff who completed the Food Safety Training course.


This will show your auditor that you and your staff have passed with Good Operating Practices and Procedure for Food Safety. The Food Safety Training can be tailormade to suit your Health and Safety Training needs.


Cost per staff member  $195.00 + GST

(Travel expenses may apply)

Registered MPI Food Safety Consultant