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Are you a small food company that needs to get your food business registered and food safety compliant?

My name is Lynda Fulton and I'm a freelance food safety consultant.


Let's get your food business fully compliant and registered quickly and easily. 



Apart from supplying you with the actual food safety compliance part (the big part!). I also provide a one-on-one guidance session, to walk you through your individual food safety requirements.

Almost like a pre-audit on what you should expect, what you need to know and what you need to do in order to pass your food safety audit. I go over each step of your food safety compliance to make sure you know AND understand it. 

The rest is easy. Just leave it to me.


I specialize in small start-up food businesses

who don't know where to turn or where to go to get help with  

their food safety compliance and registration. 


If that's you, then get in touch.








Clients feedback

"Entering into the Food Business in whatever facet you choose is not for the faint- hearted!

It’s complexities and all the variables can be fairly overwhelming and challenging!

Not only is Lynda full of knowledge, and clearly cares about your vision and requirements,

she provides an enormous amount of additional concise, simplified records and materials

along with all the compliance requirements to assist and help get you through!"

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Food Control Plan

I develop your Food Control Plan (FCP) or National Programme(NP). Depending on what you make and sell.  I use MPI's pre-evaluated templates to keep it simple. (This is basically a series of procedures and processes to prove that you use good food safety procedures and that you know how to check your food, train your staff and serve safe food)


I also include a Good Operating Practice manual specifically produced for your business, which shows how you implement good practices in your business. I include a full Training Manual for new and not so new members of staff who may need it.  


After I've worked out what you need I develop a set of records specifically suited to your business in order to be fully compliant. The records are categorized so you're not swamped with an overload of paperwork. I show you how and when to use them. 


Food Control Plan $795.00 + gst

This includes your FCP, required records for your business type, Good Operating Practice manual and Food Safety Training manuals.

Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training is becoming more and more essential as new food businesses open up and the new Food Act 2014 kicks in.  Food businesses have to make sure that they are up-to-date with all the new legislation. 


But don't worry I can provide you and your staff with a basic or full food safety training programme depending on what you need, make and sell.  I'm more happy to develop a tailor-made course just for your company if you feel you don't need a full training programme. It's entirely up to you and what you need.  The training can be done on-site (at your place) or in a  training suite off-site.  


 A Food Safety Training Certificate will be awarded for each member of staff who complete the course. I also provide you with a basic food safety training manual.  


Food Safety Training Course

$195.00 + gst per person. 

This includes all training materials and food safety training certificate.


Registered Food Safety Consultant with MPI

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