Things to do to keep you busy in the food retailer space.

Things to think about while we’re in self isolation: Think of it as a workcation and plan!!

You now have the time and space that you’ve always wanted but were all too busy or tired to even think about. Well you know what? Now you can!

Think about plans for going forward.

  • Staff training – Food safety training is going to be huge make sure all staff are trained and will be ready to go when things start opening up again. Do the on-line training course!!!! Contact me for details.

  • Think about your menus’, the layout of your premises, your target market and PLAN!!! Guess what you have the time to actually plan!!!

  • Think about your marketing, social media. You can finally get to grips with Ads Manager!!!! oh the fun we will have!

Think about the things that you always wanted to do with your business but simply couldn’t. PLAN!!! Have I said PLAN too often???

I know it’s hard…I know it. But let’s try and just keep moving forward and turning this around.

If you need anything from me I can offer:

  • Support

  • FREE advice and guidance

  • Food Safety Training on line!!!

  • Food Safety Compliance – you will need this for sure when we open up again (but I’m sure you all know that anyway). 😊

Food Safety compliance pack includes:

  1. Food Control Plan or National Programme

  2. Scope of operations (you need this for registration, you will not be registered without it)

  3. Good Operating practices to suit your business

  4. Staff training manual that can be used for new staff and update existing staff and just a general refresh with procedures and COVID-19.

  5. All the blank forms you need to complete to make sure you are compliant. I categorise the forms to make it easier so you know what has to be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  6. I walk you through all the above documentation so you know exactly how it all works and how it applies to you, your staff and your business.

Stay safe people and as I’ve always said ‘Wash your Hands”

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