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Getting ready to PIVOT

Tips to get ready for level 3


Your kitchen has been closed for a long time now and your first step is to give EVERYTHING and I mean everything a deep and thorough clean before you start. You're going to be on a cleaning and sanitizing spin cycle to get your place up to scratch!

Make sure you clean and sanitize:

· chillers

· cabinets

· hotplate

· cooker

· cooker hood

· light fittings

· workbenches

· utensils

· pots and pans

· containers used for sauces etc.

· jars and other display/storage you have

· floors

· toilets

· Tills

· Eftpos and other ordering/paying devices

Make sure all cloths, aprons and dishtowels have been washed at the highest temperature in your washing machine (make sure you don’t wash with other clothes).

Every part of your kitchen area has to be super clean. Always use hot soapy water, then dry down with clean cloth or better still a paper towel so you can through it away and then sanitize. Use a standard food grade sanitizer. If you want my DIY sanitizer let me know. It’s easy to use and cheap!

Now let’s look at your stock room and chiller storage. You will have to go through this and be brutal! Anything perishable that will have gone way by it’s use by date must go in the bin. All dry stock that is best before has to be organised so that old stock used up first. You’re going to have to go into your stock pantries and do a deep clean, sort and through out exercise. It has to be done. because if your going to open up for level 3 you need to be prepared.

Make sure when you do the deep clean that you will be out of your bubble so be aware of your space and of other employees’ space who may not be in your bubble.

The next thing to think about is the actual logistics of this, as in how will this actually work. You are going to have to sit down between deep clean breaks 😊 and work out who goes where? who cooks what? and how can we make this work without compromising our bubbles?

The next thing is ok we get an order, who delivers? Our staff may have to become delivery people if Uber is not an option. If that is this case then you may have to assign areas for delivery. THINK IT THROUGH!!! Do not be left with food that’s sitting in the wrong temperature zone and on top of everything else you give them food poisoning…Ehmmmm NO we don’t want that!

If you need help with food safety training or you need food safety compliance then lets chat. I can help!

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