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Food Deliveries

I think the idea of all food cafés, restaurant etc. pivoting slightly to offer a delivery service is absolutely brilliant!!! I’ve always thought we need more food deliveries in this country. So, I’m well stoked!! Please keep up the good work.

Ok for the practicalities and from a food safety compliance point of view this is what you need to do:


· You can use your own vehicle but make sure the vehicle you use is spotlessly clean and I mean clean. You can always use the boot to separate the food your delivering. Again, make sure it is CLEAN! No animal hair, no kids’ toys.

· Buy a chillier bin/boxes they work to keep food hot and food cold and help separate the food from anything else that might contaminate it. Make sure you wrap it well.

· Make sure the food you deliver is kept at the correct temperature.

  • if hot should 75C or above

  • If cold should be 4C or below.

· Deliver the food as soon as you can.

TIP: if the food is served hot run it at a higher temperature when you pack it say 90C and if its cold run it lower than 4C that way you give yourself a better chance of the food being delivered at the correct temperature. If cold you will have to pack it with ice packs as it won’t last long in a car in this heat.

· Remember following the 2/4-hour rule you have a 2-hour safety net. Clients can always re-heat the food again up to 75C ( if the food falls to 60C for 2 hours your customers will have to reheat it to 75C)

If you need more info on the 2/4 hour rule let me know.

I have attached a food transportation record. You will need this for deliveries and to make sure you are still compliant. Hope this helps.

If anyone need more food safety tips let me know. More than happy to help.

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