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Get Compliant!

We’re moving down the alert levels now and everyone is using that magical word ‘pivot’. Now what does that actually mean if you work in the food industry?

Everyone is going to have dig deep and ask what they can do to change their current business model and processes, in order to adapt to this ‘pivot’. It may be some time before we go back. If we ever do. The new view of your business may work better and it could have been a blessing in disguise? Who knows, but what we do know is this. You will have to take some form of action and it will have to be taken now! if you want to survive this.

I read this morning about this cupcake company I follow. They have done brilliantly well. They have thought about what their new business model will look like and went for it. Very clever. They decided to move to a bigger, yes bigger premises, so they have the capacity to bake more. They have made the decision and very wisely, not to offer a sit in option. Brilliant! They will bake more, increase capacity, keep staff on, offer a wider range and not have all the hassle of COVID-19 restrictions. Is this scary hell yes! is it doable? of course it is! It might be that you change from a small food retailer to a small food manufacturer? who knows. But think…think about your ‘pivot’!

But first things first, let’s get you and your staff compliant so that whatever the pivot you're ready. You and your staff must now be food safety trained with covid-19 awareness. I really cannot stress this enough. Now more than ever! This is going to take centre stage, no matter what you do with your food.

I made the decision to put my Food Safety Training with Covid-19 awareness course on-line, to make sure that that every food business can have access to it and do it now! A priority for me was not only to make sure that every could have access to it but to make sure that everyone could afford it during this time. Simply click on the training page to learn more and buy now to get started.

The fact that this course can be done on line means there are no time restrictions. Let’s just get it done and get you and your staff ready for your ‘pivot’!!! Pop over to my training page to learn more or sign up now.

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