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Tasty Crackers - Keto friendly and Gluten Free

Crackers ingredients:

· 1 cup of Sunflower seeds

· 1 cup of Pumpkin seeds

· 1 cup of Linseeds or Flaxseeds

· ½ cup Sesame seed

· ½ cup Chia seeds

· ½ tsp salt (Pink mineral is good. I tend to use that for everything now and it is cheap!)

Mix all dry ingredients together then start to have fun and add your flavours.

Now this all depends on what you feel like, but my base flavours are:

· 1tbls garlic powder

· 1tbls onion powder

· ½tbls cracked black pepper (you can add more if you want a more peppery cracker and maybe mix white pepper this adds a beautiful flavour)

· Mixed Italian dried herbs (marjoram and oregano) or whatever you have

· ½ tsp dried flaked chilli (again you could put in more if you like it hot)


· if you want a cheesy flavour ½tbls Nutritional yeast (not the normal yeast for bread but Nutritional yeast)

· Open your spice cupboard and just try it! I love Cajun spice or Japanese spice mix. Go mad and try a different one each time. Mine are never the same twice. J


· Mix all the dry ingredients together

· Add two cups of boiling water

· Put your oven on and heat oven to 1500C

· Let it sit for 30 mins stirring occasionally

Line your flat baking tray/sheets with baking powder and coat them. This can be tricky as it is sticky. I use the back of a spoon and keep dipping it into the water until I get even coverage on the tray at a thickness I like.

· Bake in the oven at 150oC for 30 mins

· Take the crackers out and cut the crackers on the tray. I use a pizza cutter to mark out the crackers.

· Then put them back in for another 45 mins at 1300C

Just check they are dried and cracker-like crisp, no soggy bits. If there are soggy bits just put them back into the oven until they are crispy.


Lynda -xo-

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